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New Year Resolution. Are you willing to pay the price?


It’s a new year, and there is resolution in the air. Are you willing to pay the price to achieve your goals? With a new year comes a fresh start, and new opportunities. Many people will set lofty personal and professional goals in these first weeks of 2016 in hopes of changing their lives and careers in significant ways. Unfortunately, very few of us will actually manage to achieve these goals, or to even remember what goals were set come March 1.  

Hopes and dreams can disappear all too quickly. Life gets busy, work gets harder, problems arise and you are left feeling further away than ever from meeting your goals and resolutions. Does this sound familiar? Do you begin every year full of anticipation, only to surrender to the daily hustle? Ask yourself; are you content to live the same life, to perform at the same level, day after day, year after year? Or are you really ready and determined to make a change? 

Are you willing to pay the price?

This is your year, the year to make it happen. Now is the perfect time to set and actually begin to meet personal and professional goals. And I’ve got the secret. I know how top achievers attain their goals, no matter how big or bold they are. It’s simple. They pay the price of success! You too should be willing to pay the price.

What does it mean to pay the price of success? It means you know what to do. You have the desire to do it. You are willing to do it. You are able to do it. And finally, you get in there and do it!  In the search business, the four‐hour phone day is an undisputed universal truth. If you can connect with candidates and clients for four hours every day, you’ve got a very good chance of being successful in our industry. But do we do it?  
There are two categories of people:
1. We Don’t Know What to Do   
2. We Know What to Do, Know How to Do It, But Don’t

willing to pay the price


If you willing to pay the price – Define Success and Set Your Goals
Before you can succeed, you need to define exactly what that means to you. At the beginning of each year, my entire team and I write our personal score cards. We reassess all areas of our lives including: personal, financial, career, material possessions, spirituality and giving. We set or adjust goals for the year based on what we hope to make happen in the New Year. Being a great leader isn’t about what I want my employees to achieve, what matters is how I help them achieve their own goals. Remember, success cannot be defined by a manager, your wife or your buddies. That is up to you and you alone. Start putting your personal scorecard together today to help define what you want to accomplish. 

If you willing to pay the price – Identify Your Weaknesses  
You know the old adage: Nobody’s perfect. Take a look at yourself in an objective way. Make a list. Identify your weaknesses and develop an action plan detailing how you will attain the skills and information you need to improve and get to the top of your game. How is your planning? Are you meeting your goals for calls per day and phone time? Do you have an in‐depth knowledge of your niche? How are your selling and closing skills? Are you managing your employees well? Never let yourself get too satisfied. Be a seeker; keep abreast of the latest professional trends and pertinent information to make sure you are constantly getting better at what you do.  

If you willing to pay the price – Measure Your Progress  
It’s essential to evaluate your performance every day, week, month and quarter. Measuring your activity and results allows you to determine if you are on track to hit your goals. If your stated objective is to deliver four hours of daily phone time, don’t leave the office until you achieve that. Often you can get that extra job order or send out just by making a few more calls. Success doesn’t fall into the laps of clock watchers. It is earned by people who know they need to work until they meet their goals, not walk
out the door because it’s 5:00 o’clock. I believe it’s a good habit to stay in the office until 5:30 or 6:00 p.m. every night. That extra time could be the difference between achieving and missing your goals. Once you’ve achieved your goals one day, focus on hitting them for two days in a row. Then three days. Pretty soon you will be conditioned to do what you need to do to achieve your activity numbers on a daily and weekly basis.  

If you willing to pay the price – Learn from Your Mistakes  
Sometimes the worst times are the best times to ask yourself the hard questions. If you’ve gone the entire day, week or even month without achieving a specific goal – ask yourself why. What was I doing between calls? Why didn’t I get that send out? Why didn’t the candidate accept the offer? How could I have avoided that? How can I make sure it never happens again? Be willing to evaluate your performance and make changes. It is the fastest way to achieve your goals.  

If you willing to pay the price – Redefine Your Comfort Zone  
People tend to hang out in their comfort zone. If a recruiter is uncomfortable marketing and not seeing a lot of success, it is natural to begin to do less marketing with the result being little to no improvement. Recruiters who are uncomfortable qualifying and pre‐closing candidates need to force themselves to go through these steps repeatedly to improve their skills. Every one of us needs to push ourselves to reach new professional comfort levels so that we see measurable improvement in our performance. When we
get comfortable with that which once made us uncomfortable, we get stronger.  

If you willing to pay the price – Get Personal Leverage  
What is leverage? Any constraint that makes backing away much more difficult. You may think it sounds foolish to put unnecessary constraints on your actions, but in reality it can give you new professional freedom. Leverage may be the best way to overcome psychological barriers that prevent you from staying focused. There are many different ways you can create leverage. Start by defining your motivation for achieving your goals. If you can define the reason to achieve a goal, you will be much more
committed to it. Is it your career, your family, your kids? You need to know what is driving you to make it happen.  

Make a written commitment, establishing exactly what you will do on a daily basis. Put in writing the specific number of calls you will make a day or your daily phone time goals. When things are in writing, instead of just mental notes, they tend to happen. Tell a friend or find a goal partner. Now that you’ve written your objectives down and created a good why, enlist others to help you stay on track. This person must be someone who will be supportive and who has an understanding of the business but also someone who won’t let you off the hook if you start to waver. 
Establish short‐term commitments. These can be much stronger than long‐term goals. They allow you to focus your efforts and get great momentum early on. Short‐term commitments could include calls per day, marketing presentations per day or job orders per week. It is about establishing a new pattern of behavior and that can be very powerful. Reward yourself for small victories and achievements. When you find yourself meeting daily or weekly commitments, treat yourself to something special. You need to start feeling good about your successes, to condition your body and mind to winning. Repeated small success will end in big successes. Reward yourself. Then get right back into the game and achieve more. By the same token, punish yourself for not achieving results. Yes, it’s the pain and pleasure principle. Wiser men than I have put forth that human beings are far more motivated by pain than pleasure because it is linked more closely to survival. While getting a big check in or placing a senior executive is exciting and motivating, a loaded gun pointed at your head is even more so. Think of some small negative rewards for not achieving results. Punishment can be a very effective way to keep you on track.  

If you willing to pay the price – Believe that Failure Is Not an Option  
When you don’t accept failure as a possibility, you can’t lose. This is a powerful rule to live by. Napoleon Bonaparte used this to his advantage. When sending his soldiers into war, he instructed them to burn their ships upon arrival. They were left with no option but to attack the enemy and win because there could be no retreat. Apply this to your life and you will be amazed. When failure is not an option, people will do whatever it takes to succeed.  

The difference between a life well lived and a life half lived is as simple as a decision. Whether or not you choose to pay the price of success can determine whether at the end of the day you look back on your life with joy or regret.  

Now you know what to do. You’re willing to do it. Now get in there and do it. I guarantee a year from now you’ll thank me.  Are you willing to pay the price to achieve your new year resolution?

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