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TecAdemics Review. What is TECADEMICS?


TecAdemics Review: TecAdemics College is the world’s first Internet Marketing Training School. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona – TecAdemics is leveraging the merging fields of technology and academics.

Each TecAdemics College class curriculum is designed by professionals who have worked at major traditional colleges in the past. You learn from the best of the best when it comes to Internet Marketing and building a business online. You have the opportunity to become an affiliate and promote the TecAdemics tuitions to others.


TecAdemics review:

TecAdemics is a brand new affiliate program, a new model of online education created and owned by Chris Record a 8-figure earner and internet entrepreneur.

The internet marketing and business education that TecAdemics delivers is high quality trainings.

TecAdemics is where Technology and Academic education meet.

Awesome affiliate program built in, so you will be able to earn good commissions by selling the educational programs.

Here are some of the areas that The TecAdemics Education will cover:
• Online Marketing strategies and traffic generation
• Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and marketing on Facebook, Youtube and Google, the 3 largest advertising platforms on the internet
• Social Media presence
• How to generate leads and email marketing
• Blogging and speedblogging
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• How to work with webshop and e-commerce
• Amazon marketing and dropshipping
• Much more..

In addition to being an online education, the highest Program level offers the opportunity to attend live classes in Phoenix, Arizona. The classes are held every 3 months during 5 days a 6 hours. It’s free to attend these classes, it comes with the highest program level. For those who cannot attend will have access to recorded classes.

Technology & Academics = TecAdemics

What is Tecademics? It is the new-age modern-day Internet Marketing College of technology and academics. Simply put, it’s e-learning business development. Delivering expert-created training from elite entrepreneurs into the hands of anyone willing to jump into the IMC journey.

Tecademics looks at the industry of marketing in 3 major ways:
– traditional education (school education)
– educational conferences (seminars)
– free-sailing internet marketing (e-learning)

Here are the 4 ways in which TecAdemics wants to show you there is a better way:

Teaching Methods – Using personalized ISD to enhance teaching effectiveness is at the top of the list for students to retain information vita Livestreams, Assessments and College Weeks.
Campus Life – Attending College Week is the climatic peak that enables invaluable collaboration of talented practitioners and skilled entrepreneurs to fuel results.
Service Experience – The ultimate focus is on outcomes, using a multi-channel approach to delivering a better experience engages and empowers exceptional levels of service and support.
Curriculum – By constructing current, relevant and focused courses geared towards your knowledge base and business goals, they aim to set themselves apart of the crowd.

The genuine goal for TecAdemics seems to be a global resource for all things related to internet marketing education and entrepreneurialism. That would mean it is a good time to review the Internet Marketing College product line and see if they are worthy of your time, attention and money.

TecAdemics Program Levels & Prices

1. TEC: The Entrepreneur Club – Price $100/month
That’s the minimum member level. You will get Access to the internet marketing forum and basic internet marketing training and weekly new lessons.

2) IMPACT: Internet Marketing Principles and Core Training. Price $2,000 onetime fee.
This is where most people will be at. The online education is a comprehensive introduction to different areas of internet marketing.

3) MASTERS TUITION: Week-Long Global Educational Program Events. Price $10,000 onetime fee This is the flagship of TecAdemics educational program. For those who wants to become master of online business and internet marketing. In addition to live Classes, a 5 day a 6 hours in Phoenix, Arizona four times a year, you will have online access to recorded sessions with the teachers, which means those Masters Tuition Students who cannot travel and attend the live classes, can still benefit from the education. You will have 120 credit hours of live education available.

Obviously by attending live classes, you will have the opportunity to meet with the teachers and meet and discuss with other students live.

TecAdemics’ affiliate program

It’s FREE to become a TecAdemics Affiliate. TecAdemics business education and coaching program has an affiliate program attached, so you will be able to earn commissions on sales. The commission is up to 40% of the sale.


When you earn your first $100,000 as an affiliate by referring members – Tecademics will match your $100K earnings.
When you earn you first $1,000,000 as an affiliate by referring members – Tecademics will match your $1 million earnings.


1-2 times per year, top producing affiliates have the opportunity to win luxury and exotic cars valued over $100,000!

HOW TO QUALIFY – Affiliates earn ONE entry into the Car Sales Contest for every $100,000 in commissions earned, up until the contest deadline. Entries are unlimited, so earn as many as you can!

CONTEST DETAILS – The winner will be chosen in a LIVE DRAWING at our international conference in November, and must be present to win. The winner receives the keys to the car on stage, paid in full. Winner of free i8 BMW and will also receive a video of the experience to use in their marketing.

TecAdemics Review Conclusion:

Overall, I’m so confident that TecAdemics strategies will completely change the way that entrepreneurs to build, grow and scale their businesses online. This college has assembled a team of curriculum developers from the major universities and up-to-date strategies with highly successful internet marketers. You can get access to the virtual classrooms from the comfort of your home or else you can join discussions in the online entrepreneur forum with the like-minded internet marketers. This system is to empower entrepreneurs all around the world to learn, retain and take action on highly relevant online marketing strategies that actually work. Join TecAdemics today!

TecAdemics Review
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