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Why/How to Remove Friends or Unfriend on Facebook


There are many reasons you might want to remove or unfriend on Facebook.

Here are 6 Reasons to Unfriend on Facebook:

1. They’ve turned into a robot.
These are the friends you never hear from except when they want you to join a cause, sign a petition, donate money, become a fan of a product, or otherwise promote something.

2. You don’t know who they are.
For whatever reason you became friends with a person you don’t even know. You never saw that person or talked outside of Facebook or even on Facebook. Time to unfriend this person from Facebook.

3. You don’t like them anymore.
In the early years of Facebook, users would friend everyone their dorm, everyone from high school, and every person they had ever shared a sandbox with. But now, many people are finding they no longer like a number of their friends, and spend time creating limited profiles, customizing the newsfeed, and avoiding Facebook chat.
You don’t want to see them ever again. You hated them in high school. Time to unfriend them.

4. Annoying status updates.
I don’t want to see so-and-so wishes it was over or life sucks. I don’t like negativity. Or people who are always complaining. Also excessive status updates are one example of Facebook abuse.
The style and type of each update is also important. A number of users agree that song lyrics, poetry, and literary quotations can be extremely annoying. Updates with misspellings or lacking punctuation were also noted.

5. Obnoxious photo/video uploads.
Everyone has a different idea about what photos are appropriate to post. I hate photo or even detailed video about violence. Or photo/video of something stupid or silly which I have no interest in. This clogs up my newsfeed and I don’t want it.

6. Clashing religious or political views.
Those are two sensitive topics. People start fighting who is right and who is wrong. You feel they would kill you if they would see you face to face. Good thing it’s just online posts. But the verbiage and comments/posts from people who don’t share same views might be poisnons for your health and emotions. Just delete them.

Tips: A warning message will not be sent to your friends, so feel free to delete as many friends as you want. Keep in mind that deleted friends will still be able to see your comments on content that is posted by a mutual friend. You will see their comments as well.
If you block posts from someone and decide later that you want to unblock them, go to News Feed in your left sidebar and press the pencil icon. On the pop-up menu, click the “X” next to the person’s name if you want to remove them from the list.

Warnings: If you want to re-friend the person, you’ll have to send another Friends request.
If the person has “Unfriend Finder” installed (an extension for Firefox), your former friend may receive a notification of deletion from your Friends list.

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