lendel bogdan

My story as a Human: I was born and grew up in Eastern Europe. In 1999 came to the USA with my parents and 6 other siblings. I was the oldest boy in the family and had a lot of responsibilities. It was hard to learn the new language and the new culture and I had to adapt to a new life in the States. We lived in Portland, Oregon and I went to a middle school. In high school, I was studying really hard and did not skip classes like my friends did. I always did my homework and due to all hard work, my GPA was 4.0 all four years. My first work was at a Burgerville as a cashier. After finishing high school I started dating a girl of my dreams and enrolled at Portland State University. It was 2004. In 2005 we married and live happily thereafter. We have three awesome kids – Katie, Jake, and Eric. I love my family!


My story as a Singer/Musician: My whole family is a musician. Everyone sings and/or plays instruments. I started singing when I was 5 years old and playing keyboard at 7 years old. In my childhood, I traveled on stages of big auditoriums and sang. I sang at church and weddings, conferences, schools and government buildings. I have a passion for singing and music is my lifestyle. Today I am a lead musician and a signer in two churches. Check out my youtube channel with singing at church.

playing keyboard

My story as an Entrepreneur:  I was an entrepreneur at a heart when I was born. At the very young age, I started my own business or wholesale/retail scrap metal. People brought to my yard at home copper and aluminum and I bought it from them. Then I would take it to a downtown and resell it for much higher price. I was making good money. I had my younger brother working for me. That was my first business. Then we moved to America and here I started building residential homes business. I was 19 years old and at that time was making more money than my mom’s and dad’s income put together. Then I was introduced to the concept of network marketing and I loved it right away. Today I work with people and help them to get what they want – health and prosperity. I love seeing people succeed in life and know that I was part of it!

Today: I work online from home. Dream come true. I am willing to help you achieve your goals and train you along the way. If you are a fast learner, dedicated and action taker then lets work together!

Go ahead and connect with me and lets work together!