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Katie Lendel – Internet Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Coach

Katie Lendel – Internet Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Coach

Katie Lendel – Internet Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Coach

This is a website of my wife Katie Lendel. Check it out!

‘How To Make $10K a Day’ LIVE Webinar


Over the past few months, my mentor, Vick Strizheus has been quietly testing a totally new marketing approach… And the results are INSANE! Vick has discovered the $10K a day formula and wants to share it with you, and the cool thing is, he will be sharing it for absolutely FREE! Click Here To … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

Building a Relationship with Your List


How important is it to build relationship with your list? I believe it is crucial to your success to have a loyal and strong relationship with your list. When you are building your list, make sure to start building relationship with that list right away. Because that is the main reason to have a … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

The Importance of Having a Strategy


When it comes to improving your conversions, there is a few things that you have to keep in mind. First of all, what is the main ingredient that we all need to have? It is TRAFFIC, right? Traffic is the live blood of our business. But traffic would not do much for us if we don’t know how to … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

Total Domination Engineering Review

Total Domination Engineering Review Image

What is the Total Domination Engineering Video Series? In my opinion, this is one of the BEST online business building training out there and guess what?! It’s 100% FREE! Here’s my Total Domination Engineering Video Series honest review. According to the statistics, most marketers are … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

How To Increase The Conversions Up To 90%

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There are many things that you can implement to increase the conversions. It can also be different for cold traffic vs warm traffic. Lead conversions are just as important as sales conversions. The more lead conversions you can get from your funnel, the more sales you will get. To increase … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

How To Set Up a .01 FB Ads


Is it possible?! Yes, it is! Not only that I believe, but I know for sure, that FB advertising is one of the best online advertising out there! How do I know that, because I was able to earn thousand of dollars because of FB advertising. (Disclaimer: The results that I share in this post and … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

Who Is Vick Strizheus?

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In this post, I want to share with you my authentic and 100% genuine review on who is Vick Strizheus also known as “The King of Online Traffic”. In my opinion this is the most honest review that you can find online. How do I know that? I’ve personally known Vick for over 2 years now, I’ve … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

High Traffic Academy Review


You might’ve heard about High Traffic Academy before, but still wondering, what is it exactly? is it something worth joining? is it legit? is it really going to help me build my business? what’s in it for me? Search no more! You will find the answers to your questions below 🙂 High Traffic … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

The Dress – Why Do People Disagree?


I know, you’ve probably heard about this “DRESS” 1000 times already… and argued and laughed with friends about it. I hope you didn’t fight about it though 🙂 So is it white and gold, or blue and black? I wanted to take a moment and explain to you why people disagree about the colors of this … Read The Rest Of This Entry…

How To Make Money With One Click of a Mouse


Have you ever heard of people making money with one click of a mouse?
If not, let me tell you, its POSSIBLE! That is if you know the right strategy of course! In this post, I will reveal to you the strategy and secrets on how to do that. I’ve personally experienced it over and over again, so … Read The Rest Of This Entry…