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Design Your Life eBook


Congratulations on making a decision to educate yourself on how to design your life! Design Your Life will show you how to live a victorious life, full of passion and success. It will also reveal the success building blocks and stepping stones to designing the life you truly desire.

Sometimes life circumstances make it impossible for people to achieve their dreams. More often, though, people simply don’t organize themselves to turn their dreams into reality – and then “wake up” and find that life has passed them by. With this e-book, you can make sure that this doesn’t happen to you!

You only live once. There will be no re-play. It is important to design your life. Otherwise you will just go with the default flow. And I guarantee you it’s not in your best interest.

The e-book explains a comprehensive, tried and tested, practical life design and goal-setting framework that you can use to set out on your own path to success and fulfillment. The e-book starts by helping you look into yourself, so you know what it is that you want from your life. Then it shows you how to set the goals that will empower you to achieve your dreams. And finally, it teaches you how to organize yourself, to work towards this achievement in an everyday part of your life.

The contents include:
Exploring you – your values, needs and where you find satisfaction in life.
Exploring your dreams – brainstorming everything you want to do in all areas of your life.
The choices that define your life – focusing on your most important dreams.
Creating powerful goals – setting goals to achieve the inspiring visions of the future you dream of.
Organizing for success – planning how to make achievement of your goals part of your everyday life.

We will talk about improving your self-esteem, health, relationships, finances and lifestyle. I have seen a lot of people who concentrate on mainly one or two of these subjects and their life is a mess. You can’t just concentrate only on finances and making money. While you will be working crazy overtime hours, you will lose your health and your relationships will suffer. Or, let’s say you only take care of your body without paying attention to other things.

Well…. Who is going to make money then and spend time with family? The idea is to improve all 5 spheres of life. So let’s get started!


Design Your Life Ebook

Design Your Life