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Create Capture Convert


Create Capture and Convert stands for – Create Traffic. Capture Leads. And Convert Sales.

ATTN: Online Entrepreneurs! How would you like to learn from some of the Top Affiliates and Internet Marketers today? Someone like…
Chris Record
E. Brian Rose
Jimmy Kim
Devin Zander
Mario Brown
Tanner Larsson
Los Silva
Nicholas Kusmich
Brandon Burgess…

Last year, in July, I have attended the 3C Conference where I had a privilege to learn from all these legendary entrepreneurs. I was blown away by how much value was provided and definitely learned a lot and took my business to whole NEW level. Several of these guys are millionaire internet marketers. And their presentations were pure value – no sales pitch!

3C Conference Highlights Video featuring Chris Record

Why am I telling you all this?

Because NOW, you have an opportunity to get all the professional video recordings from the 3C conference for absolutely FREE! ($997 Value)

What is the 3C: Create Capture Convert – stands for? Create Traffic. Capture Leads. And Convert Sales. So, if you have been struggling in any of these areas, it’s a MUST watch for you!

I know you are probably thinking… Why would Chris Record (3C Conference Host) give it all away for FREE?

In courtesy of the Smart Member 2.0 that is launching next week, Chris has decided to let you in into the 3C membership area of Smart Member – membership sites building platform – and let you experience it as a customer smile emoticon as well as provide you some MASSIVE value.

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Create Capture Convert

Chris Record is the founder of Internet Marketing Bar Inc, specializing in software development, online product launches, & paid traffic consulting. He is most recognizable for his recent product launches including Dark Post Profits 1.0 & 2.0, Smart Member and Speed Blogging software launches.

Chris Record will be the keynote speaker for the event focusing on topics including a step-by-step breakdown of exactly how he generated 7-figures in the last year from online product launches, as well as paid traffic strategies, list building techniques, & steps for beginners to get on the fast track.

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